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|November 13, 2015 | Various And Sundry


* A trunk of perfectly-preserved letters from the 17th century (amazing paper, amazing wax seals)


* Are these the last days of British bands touring America?


* These offices


* When I was a kid, I delighted in listening to records at the wrong speed – 45s at 33, 33s at 45 .. my friend Lem’s parents had an old turntable that played at 16rpm, and we very much enjoyed playing Chipmunks records (especially Chipmunk Punk) at that slow speed. Here is what it sounded like.


* The rise and fall of college rock : how yuppies and NPR gentrified punk – new writing by the always entertaining Ian Svenonious


* OK, OK, more ruin porn


* “Forbidden Zone isn’t for everybody. I don’t know if it’s the level of absurdity or craziness, but it threatens certain people. They just go berserk, hating the film, and others loving it to the same degree for the same reasons. You know, life can sometimes be absurd.”


* MC5 : Beat Club recording session, 1972.


* The current status of every murdered rapper’s case


* The popularity of music genres, 2005-present


* Wah-wah


* Quite an interesting article if you want to know how most of the stuff around you got thereThinnerThinnerWah wah 10