Various And Sundry

|January 8, 2016 | Various And Sundry


* The world’s loneliest library


* Rock & roll is dead, and even Guns N’ Roses can’t save it


* Freemasonry


* I know he doesn’t make music anymore, but “Actor Henry Rollins” still sounds funny to me


* The story of pixação, the crazy, alien graffiti that’s everywhere in São Paulo


* This was my favorite group when I was a little boy, and to this day I am astonished every time I hear them; I know I go on about them a bit, but, THIS


* Keep Little Richard in your prayers.


* A very entertaining and revealing interview with Lemmy, and also, his recent milk commercial


* Brian Eno : The Man Who Fell To Earth 1971 – 1977


* “I lived in New York when crime was in the streets much more than today. What you gonna do? Stay at home? I did a lot of walking alone in the middle of the night in those years. Goodness knows I could have been killed. But I was not about to sacrifice my freedom for the experience of not worrying about unknown forces.”  Ladies and gentlemen, Luc SanteThinnerThinnerFreemasonry Small