I Should Mention This

|February 18, 2016 | Stuffs, White Zombie

I’ve been busy splashing this over social media and whatnot. The White Zombie Vinyl box set, which I mastered for the Numero Group label, is finally coming out on June 3rd. ThinnerWhite Zombie Vinyl Box SetThinner

You can read about it here, and you can order it here. The set contains exact reproductions of every single LP and 12″ EP released by the band prior to signing with Geffen (sourced from the original tapes, yesindeed) including early unreleased, unheard material from the Gods On Voodoo Moon and Pig Heaven sessions. There’s also a big fat book, packed with all kinds of stuff Sean Yseult and I dug out of our archives, including a lot of eye-catching photos and memorabilia, and even a comprehensive guide to WZ t-shirts. It has literally been years since we started talking about doing this, and there have been a lot of snags along the way, so I’m very, very happy to able to finally talk about it.

ThinnerWhite Zombie Make_Them_Die_Slowly shirt 9x9Thinner