Various And Sundry

|March 11, 2016 | Various And Sundry


* Catacombs had a horror theme replete with fake skeletons and mummified bodies in chains. Chains clanked, spider webs hung from the ceiling, the roof dripped, and unseen bodies shrieked and wailed.”


* I remember the fabled Rat Man


* This is why they called George Martin a genius


* A very, very famous recording studio, now a silent ruin


* Do not look at this unless you’re really into guitar pedals


* Stranger In A Strange Land : a 1987 documentary about Nick Cave in Berlin


* Here is a fun thing that people collect


* All about the guitars of the mighty Funkadelic


The Phono Museum. Beautiful.


* A New York City free jazz thing, you know?


* 1986 – possibly the best and most important year for heavy metal, as well as a lot of other musicThinnerThinnerNick Cave Gun 10