Misfits Arrested In New Orleans

|October 28, 2010 | Found Images

Recently, talking to a friend, the conversation, as it often does in fall, turned to The Misfits. Was I aware, he asked, that they were arrested for breaking into a New Orleans cemetery? I was not, and he sent me this October 1982 clipping from the Times-Picayune :

Misfits - NOLA 2

So, okay, that’s pretty great, but I happen to know someone who was on that tour, was there in that graveyard, who narrowly avoided getting arrested himself. The below is courtesy of Toke!, who you can find here :

Thinner” It was a real freak show rolling up to that cemetery, like a punk rock Mardi Gras parade: the ‘Fits were still in full stage gear, we had several cars, band vans, some groupie/ hooker chicks ( including one demure wallflower, who just minutes earlier at the club – Tipitina’s? – performed a subtle and tasteful act involving a snake and her nether regions for numerous onlookers ) and greasy dealer-dudes on old-school choppers, which were still twenty years from becoming cool. Again .ThinnerBarry, Corey and I spotted the first cop car, who apparently had not yet received the call about the cemetery trespassing and was just checking out the ruckus. We backtracked out of the cemetery and jumped in our plain-jane Chevy Suburban parked down the street, just in time for the police cruiser to roll up beside us. In a fit of panic-derived inspiration I blurted, ‘Pretend you’re asleep!’ When the cops knocked on the window, we feigned awakening: ‘Oh, hi officer, we’re just some Ohio boys traveling cross-country. We got tired and pulled over here to sleep.’ They were like, ‘What the hell are you boys doing in this neighborhood in the middle of the night? They’ll kill you down here! Get on outta here!’ Just then, the trespassing call came in on his radio, and I figured we had about five-seconds before he put 2&2 together. ‘Thank you sir, we’re on our way, have a nice night.’ With that, we took off.ThinnerSo by then the whole area is crawling with cops, and they’ve blocked all the exits. We circle around the hood numerous times and pick up every and anyone, including Kenny Caiafa, Earl from Saccharine Trust and that weird ‘Skye’* guy who was a paramilitary mercenary, who was spry enough to climb over the walls and escape. ThinnerThe next day we bailed Jerry, Glenn and Doyle out. The cops returned the van minus the weights they toured with, but didn’t touch a single guitar or amplifier.ThinnerGood times.
* Skye taught us all how to use a speed-loader with a revolver, do basic self-defense and cook some awesome pasta. He would show up at Misfits, Necros and later Big Chief shows for years, at all corners of the earth. Once we ran in to him in NYC at a soundcheck, but uncharacteristically, he missed the show. Later he called for bail as some idiot on the Lower East Side foolishly attempted to hold him up. Skye wrestled the gun from him and shot the guy’s knees out. The would-be mugger had a long rap sheet, and the case was ‘thrown out’ when Skye’s ‘attorney’ from Langley made some calls. “


Mommy, can I go out and kill somebody?