Beowülf * 1988

|October 16, 2009 | Found Sounds, White Zombie

Beowülf was a band from Venice, CA. White Zombie had an odd connection to them because we were both signed to Caroline Records, who also released albums by two other Suicidal Tendencies-affiliated punk-skate-thrash-metal groups, Uncle Slam and Excel, who we shared bills with several times. We did, in fact, play a show with Beowülf on my first WZ tour, which was during Summer 1989, a few months after I joined the band. It was in a garage in Albuquerque, NM and I don’t remember much about it ( it’s hard to remember much about this period at all except that I was very excited to be in a cool NYC band, have my own Marshall stack, and be on a nationwide tour, which meant that, for the time being, I was not homeless ) except that we were well-received ( Albuquerque is one of those American cities, like Phoenix, Houston, and Detroit, which is not the least bit glamorous but where the people are fanatical about heavy music. If you have a rock band, these are the very best places to play ) — I’d been a little apprehensive about these guys because of their Suicidal/ Venice gang image, but they were friendly if, as was usually the case at the time, unsure as to what to make of us. I remember also that they went on a beer run and got into a semi-serious accident.

Anyway, I always liked this song, which is from their 1988 LP ” Lost My Head… But I’m On The Right Track ” — they get a perfect double-bass Motörhead kind of tempo going and just blaze away, with a cool, rolling feel that’s at once aggressive and laid-back.

Beowülf : ” Muy Bonita “

Beowülf : ” Muy Bonita ”