|April 30, 2011 | Mexico, Stuffs

” Will we make it to the harmonic convergence of 2012, when the Mayan calendar supposedly ‘ends’? What will Mexico City throw at us then? Sometimes I pass the bicentennial clock near the Zócalo and imagine it’s a lift-off count. I imagine the moment when the clock reaches its row of zeros. Five…four…three…two…one. I imagine the Zócalo flagpole rumbling and breaking away from the ground, revealing a gargantuan Aztec spaceship that has been hidden inside the earth, shaped like an inverted pyramid. The spaceship is made of obsidian, jade, quetzal feathers, and volcanic tezontle stone. Its exhaust smells like burning sage. I imagine every person in Mexico City rushing to the noise and light of the plaza as the spaceship prepares to lift off. The people are peeling their clothes off and emitting primal human screams while fighting one another with their bare hands, each one of the many millions clamoring to get on board, desperate to leave the impossible city, to new uncharted planes. I march myself home, microwave some popcorn, and lie back on my bed, listless. I stare at the white ceiling and watch a neighborly cockroach scurry to his destination upside down, defying gravity. There is nothing left to do, I think, but rejoice in the thrill of the coming unknown. ”


Down & Delirious In Mexico City