A Thing I Finally Did, After Talking About It For Years

|May 19, 2016 | Europe, Spain, Travels

Las Ventas Small

What can you say about bullfighting? It’s shocking the first time you see them plunge the banderillas into the bull’s back, and much more so when he’s covered in blood and the matador runs a sword through him. It’s brutal and sadistic, and it’s also very cool; I don’t only feel one way about it.


|April 3, 2016 | Europe, Spain, Stuffs, Travels

Metal Hurlant Small

Abajo En La Calle

|November 19, 2015 | Europe, Spain, Travels

ThinnerThinnerA Unicorn On Moon Street 10

A unicorn on Moon Street

ThinnerThinnerFalange Posters 10

I understand that the Falange don’t really have any power anymore, but it’s still freaky to see stuff like this

ThinnerThinnerCasa Del Pez 10

This is the house where the fish lives

ThinnerThinnerMadrid Posters 10

Posters near the Plaza De Toro

ThinnerThinnerTiled Drugstore 10

Farmacia y Laboratorio Juanse, at the corner of Calle de San Vicente Ferrer and San Andrés. You’d have to be SUCH an asshole to write your shitty tag on something this beautiful. This storefront dates from 1924.