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I was walking down Main Street, Memphis TN, and I saw this piece of paper lying on the sidewalk. What happened? Why am I always finding things that I shouldn’t? I guess I’ll never know. See also.

ThinnerJournal Page MemphisThinner

” Because she ( Big ma ) hasn’t seen me the whole time I’ve been pregnant. I really want to see Auntie Ann’s face when she see’s the baby. I wonder how this baby will change my life. I really wonder Gerald is going to act when he see’s the baby. How his Mother is going to act. I really need to get a blood test so I can tell her whether its Geralds’ baby or not. I know she is going to be real happy if its his. I don’t know how he is going to feel after all of this shit that has went on. He asked me today what was taking the baby so long I believe he is thinking that it could be his, I really believe it is also. I hope it does look like him. Especially if its his. I know Peggy will tell me if it looks like Gerald or not. I know if it is Gerald’s and he’s not going to have his name I know he’s going to be very upset about that. “



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Some interesting items are going to be auctioned off in a couple of days.ThinnerScreamers Original Gary Panter ArtThinnerA Broken Univox GuitarThinnerCrass Drumhead


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“Filing a story for the Associated Press” 1963

James L. Yuenger 1963 - 72


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A little more on, among other things, Russian bone music.

Bone Music


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“There is no such thing as a $5 million independent movie. They want me to go make it like I used to, but I have no desire to do that. I did that. I have 17 movies, they’re all playing everywhere in the world, more than ever. I’ve spoken. I can’t afford to make a movie the way they want me to do it. I make way more writing these books. The main thing is, when DVDs overnight died, that ended the safety net. That was profit. All foreign deals fell through. Nobody wants any movie that can’t play in China. Nobody wants any movie that has to have any subtitles. They just want explosions. They want $100 million movies that are tentpole movies.”Thinner

“The worst thing they want … is a comedy based on wit. And if I was doing something, that’s what I’d try to do. Thank God I have five other careers.”ThinnerYoung John Waters


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19 people have been shot in New Orleans since Friday.New Orleans Murder Map


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Knight Recording Studio-Where The Professionals Go


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Coins 9X9


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” I made a couple of attempts at (moving back to New Orleans) but, you know, it’s a love/hate thing. I’d just been released from Ft.Worth prison in 1964, and they shipped my ass out of town. I love New Orleans people, I love the food, I love the lifestyle, I love a million things about it. But I get depressed when I look at what has been done in the name of improving it, cleaning it up, updating it, modernizing it. I think D.A. Jim Garrison ruined New Orleans. I am bitter about this guy. Around 1963 he shut down most of the music clubs in the city. And in doing that he did a terrible thing that the city never fully recovered from. He padlocked them all – Canal Street, St.Charles Avenue, Washington Avenue, Jackson Avenue, Louisiana Avenue, on and on, all the music strips. Now all that’s left is Bourbon Street, which was traditionally for the turista set. “ThinnerDr.John

Food Series #2

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Food Series #1 is here.

ZWAN 9x9ThinnerPink Bunny Crackers 9x9ThinnerSoap From Jordan 9x9ThinnerHaloub Turkey Loaf 9x9ThinnerAl Ghazal Ghee 9x9


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Mobile Records 9x9


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There’s a book of pictures of band practice spaces, somewhere, surely? See also this and this and even this.ThinnerQuaalords


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Here’s a good way (I saw it here) to show the very rare (limited to 200 copies, only the very first people who ordered the record got one) 2-color variant of the new Rosemary’s Baby soundtrack LP, which I mastered. As you can see, it’s baby-blue on one side and blood-red on the other. “It’s quite a nice looking album”, you say, “but what’s so great about a record with different-colored sides?”Thinner

Well, it’s the first of its kind, that’s what. Erika Records (did you see the photos from my visit to Erika, here and here?) has developed a new process whereby two vinyl discs are fused together into a single 200g record, and the RMB OST is the first release to get this treatment.Thinner

Like I said, these are gone, but there are two other variants (black and burgundy haze, and crystal clear) which have been inserted at random into the supply of regular pressings, which are on not-too-shabby clear vinyl. If there’s a cool record store near you which stocks horror vinyl, you can probably get it there, or you can order directly from Waxwork.

ThinnerRosemary's Baby ST Double-Sided 72

Food Series

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Halal Meat In A CanThinnerFrench Cheese Food For ExportThinnerCrocodile HoneyThinner


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The photograph is by my old friend Dread Scott.

Thingz 2


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Ethio Ouzo


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I’m doing some honest work this week, and here are a couple of Instagram shots to prove it. Yesterday I helped hump 1600 lbs. of vinyl LPs in deluxe ( spot varnish! Extra-thick cardboard!! ) gatefold sleeves out of a truck and up into Waxwork HQ.


Mailers and inserts : 1700 lbs. of cardboard.

RMB ShippersThinner

Waxwork’s third release, and the second one that I mastered, is the original score for Rosemary’s Baby, which has never been released before ( there is some confusion about this – there was a RMB soundtrack, but that music was not the actual music that’s in the film, which this is ). There are 4 different kinds of wax : clear, crystal clear, black and burgundy haze, and 2-color.Thinner

Oh yeah, the cover has brand new art by the great Jay Shaw, and the album comes with liner notes and a deluxe art print.

RMB 4 VersionsThinner


Today was the coldest day I’ve ever experienced in New Orleans ( and, WOW, were people freaking out about it ), but I was mostly inside, packing LPs into mailers.


Here’s the crystal-clear vinyl. It’s pretty clear.J.Yuenger, Rosemary's Baby, Soundtrack, Waxwork Records


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Mea Culpa - Saturn Bar - 1.11.2014 - 72

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