No Woman Ever Felt His White-Hot Kiss

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Awesome x Awesome = Awesome

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Cubby Bear * 1983

|November 30, 2009 | Photos Of J.Yuenger

Here’s me, aged 15, playing in my first band at the Cubby Bear in Chicago. For a very entertaining 1984 local TV feature on the unique Sports-bar-by-day, all-ages-punk-club-by-night scene at the Cubby Bear, go here. It was filmed at a show by the great Canadian punk band D.O.A., and I remember that day very well. I loved D.O.A., and I couldn’t go because I was grounded.

Mike O’Connell, Chopper Stepe, J.Yuenger. Photo by Vera Videnovich.

Apple Skull

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Versailles ” The Revenant Choir “

|November 28, 2009 | Video

There’s home-grown Japanese culture, and then there’s the totally freaky shit they come up with by absorbing, distilling, and recombining western influences. Versailles are a band that plays a sort of gothic, highly dramatic technical shred-metal, and they’re a bunch of dudes who dress like 18th century courtesans.

Go here to see the Facebook fan page of lead guitarist Princess Hizaki.

The Legend Of Devil’s Tower

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This Is Your Brain

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Ella ja Aleksi ” Yƶjuna Rovaniemelle “

|November 27, 2009 | Video

Ella and Aleksi are a couple of 4-year old rappers from Finland. This song has a dreamy quality that I really like, and I love that the video shows things that an American childrens’ TV program wouldn’t in a million years, like little kids climbing around on top of a moving train and a fox peeing on the tracks.

Abandoned Japanese Mining Town

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There are amazing photos of Nichitsu, which is a ghost town about 3 hours from Tokyo, here, here, and here. I was particularly taken by the picture of what looks like a human brain in a jar that was left in the doctors’ office.

Adelle August * 1954

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Happy Thanksgiving!

DeForest Crosley Radio Dial * 1938

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A treasury of antique radio dials is here.

Cures For Ailing Boozers * 1967

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Here are some hangover cures from The BOOZE Book, by June Dutton, Edith Vanocur, John Astrop, and Eric Hill – Determined Productions, Inc. 1967.

1. DRINK A COKE out of the bottle as fast as possible ( Note : I recommend a Mexican Coke, which comes in a glass bottle and contains real sugar ).


1 jigger BRANDY

2 or 3 dashes VINEGAR



1 pinch SALT


Mix everything except egg yolk. Float yolk whole. Drink without flinching.

3. PLACE A CUBE of sugar in a saucer and pour 1/3 jigger of BRANDY over it. Ignite the brandy and let it flame until it goes out. Drink the remaining liquid and eat the rest of the sugar as hot as possible.

City Slang * 1978

|November 24, 2009 | Found Sounds

Rock n’ roll guitar from Detroit, motherfuckers! I was driving across the Causeway the other day — note : the Causeway, the over-the-water highway which connects the city of New Orleans to the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain, is, at a length of 24 miles, the longest bridge in the world .. crossing it is at first surreal, like you’re flying above the water, and then becomes mind-numbingly boring, a straight line with only the occasional giant seagull soaring by to break up the monotony .. the effect of arriving on the north shore, which has the same climate and topographical and cultural feel as the rest of the southern United States, and looking back towards New Orleans, located in a tropical zone on a little ( and shrinking ) sliver of swampy land between the lake and the Gulf Of Mexico, is that of leaving an island and arriving on the mainland U.S. .. indeed, when I’m returning from a trip north, I feel like I’m coming ” back from America “ — and this song came on the radio, and I had a moment, pounding out the beat on the steering wheel and trying not to speed.

Fred ” Sonic ” Smith was one of the two lead guitarists of the MC5, who need no introduction. I’ve been a fan since I was a little kid, and you’re probably one too. Sonic’s Rendezvous band was his 1975 – 1980 group, one of several bands featuring MC5 and Stooges alumni who were almost totally unknown outside of Detroit. City Slang was the only recording issued during the life of the band, pressed on both sides of an impossible-to-find single. Dig.

Sonic’s Rendezvous Band : ” City Slang “

Sonic’s Rendezvous Band : ” City Slang ”

Fred " Sonic " Smith

Fred ” Sonic ” Smith

In The Studio

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Paul Webb.

I’ll Be Loving You

|November 16, 2009 | Found Sounds

I must’ve listened to this song 10 times today. I don’t know how 2 Canadian guys do it ( and one of them lives in Germany! ), but take it from me, this is some straight New Orleans – Jackson – Memphis shit. From King Khan & BBQ’s new album Invisible Girl, here’s ” I’ll Be Loving You ” .

King Khan & BBQ : ” I’ll Be Loving You “

King Khan & BBQ : ” I’ll Be Loving You ”

Faber’s Talking Machine * 1850

|November 13, 2009 | Stuffs

From Bell Telephone Labs’ 1963 book Speech Synthesis – An Experiment In Electronic Speech Production : ” Faber’s talking machine, developed around 1850, could hold a conversation in normal speech. A foot-operated lever pumped the bellows at the top right. Air streaming from the bellows activated a vibrating reed whose buzz was modified by the resonances of the tubes on the operator’s left side and by the lip-like opening directly above the tubes. The keyboard played by the young lady determined which resonant tubes were in use. The mask face-up on the front of the machine was included to complete the illusion. ” Here are some of the groovy people that worked at Bell Labs in the 60s.

A Rainbow In Marrero

|November 13, 2009 | Video

Here’s the video for a song I produced for Ballzack. You can listen to more stuff we did here.

In The Studio

|November 12, 2009 | Photos By J.Yuenger


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