Various And Sundry

|July 19, 2012 | Various And Sundry

* Horrible Suicide, a Tumblr.


* There’s that one song, but much more to the story.


* ” The rest of the world is not a slum-ridden shithole compared to us. ” 10 things most Americans don’t know about America.


* Oh God, it’s that time of year again.


* ” What you have read so far tells you how to prepare to face a nuclear explosion. “ Protect And Survive.


* ” You start decomposing immediately, so the skin on an unembalmed body is very soft. It can be a little difficult to cosmetize. “


* The best money-hiding places in Greece.


* ” We wound up recording about 30 minutes of sex noises. If you listen to the break on Rocket Queen, it’s in there. “