Various And Sundry

|September 21, 2012 | Various And Sundry

* Incredibox.


* ” One of the things that digital has done for me personally is that it’s made music of my ongoing now completely atemporal. I no longer have any idea or any anxiety about not having any idea about what’s happening now, because that no longer seems very important. Now, last week, 30 years ago? What’s the difference? What does it matter? It’s all there on YouTube. And so I find myself discovering things like a decade late, or I discover things before very many people have found them. It’s atemporal. “


* Bootleg Bart, Johnny Thunders’ Hair.


“ Son, are you figuring out who solved the case, or are you playing Fruit Ninja? ” Wikipedia Brown.


* ” This is pretty much the best time to be a metal fan in India. ”


* ” Every track is perfect from top to bottom, and it’s a beautiful album because it works in every respect. It’s hard to find a flaw in it, and there aren’t many records during your career that you can say that about.”  What being a producer used to mean : Mike Chapman.