Various And Sundry

|April 1, 2016 | Various And Sundry


* 18 ripping 1960s rock n’ roll bands that performed on TV sitcoms and dramas


* Crime scene photos


* More about the greatest documentary film ever made


* Read this is you’re interested in 90s hip hop and record production. Also, related, the story of The Low End Theory


* Japan’s problem with tattoos


* The history of Trash And Vaudeville


* Heavy metal’s bleeding edge


* The graffiti at Pompeii, and, also, graffiti in the temples of ancient Egypt


* “Are there any new neon signs? Of course not. So it’s ‘one sign dismantled, one sign less.’


* Why can’t you ever shut up during a concert?ThinnerThinnerA Chai Wan food stall in the 1980s