The Imports * 1980

|September 21, 2009 | Found Sounds

The Imports were the first punk-type band I saw live, on, according to Joe Strell’s all-inclusive and entertaining Imports chronology, May 24th, 1980. The sky was dark and strange because it was full of ash from the Mount Saint Helens eruption a couple of days earlier, and they played, all thrift-store suits and spiky haircuts, on the back of a truck in an empty lot. There’s a Starbucks there now, at the corner of 53rd and Harper Ave.


These guys went to my high school. Their drummer was the first person to play a punk rock record for me. This is the first self-recorded, self-pressed record I ever owned. I guess if I was hearing it for the very first time today, it would sound to me like some sort of tweaky, post-punk surf rock. Or something. I really don’t know, because this song has been kicking around in my head for more than half my life now.

The Imports : ” Side One “

The Imports : ” Side One ”