Ciral’s House Of Tiki

|October 18, 2009 | Photos By J.Yuenger

The House of Tiki was located on the south side of Chicago, around the corner from where I grew up. It was open from 1962 until sometime in the late 90s — I took this picture in 1999, after it had closed. It was a sticky, seedy, dark place, walls painted black, tiki-obligatory taxidermied pufferfish hanging from the ceiling, layers of duct tape on the vinyl booths. It was the kind of bar where eccentrics, neighborhood misfits, and blarney-spewing old men end up by default. I used to walk past this place every day on the way to grade school, and as I observed it through the years it came to symbolize adulthood to me ( or at least drunken college-hood ). I did end up stopping in for a beer once in the early 90s while on tour, but I did not try any of the ” Polynesian specialties “. There’s a surprising amount of information about Ciral’s on the internet, like this.