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Gerardo Dottori

Theory Of Obscurity

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Leonard Nimoy R.I.P.

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Voodoo From Across Space

Pure Joy

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Wilton Felder’s isolated bass on “I Want You Back”


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Genesis Of Paperclip


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USA. State of Illinois. Town of Chicago. 1953

Recent Events Dictate

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I was at a place I hadn’t been to in years, a place nobody goes anymore, except college students and people who just moved here from Portland, which, exactly. It was pretty empty, though, which made it nice. A genuine dive bar, which is the way it is because of decades of use, abuse, circumstance, is a thing you can’t manufacture or purchase. There were just a couple of young rockabillies from Chicago, who were pretty civil but who reminded me of that fucking .. WAY that people from Chicago are. I can’t really articulate it : angry, conservative, cynical, but somehow not like how people from other places are angry and conservative and cynical. Anyway, I was born there, on the shore of Lake Michigan, south of The Loop, during a blizzard, and I can say whatever I want about it. Oh, another word I thought of to try to describe people from Chicago is sardonic.Thinner

I was at this place to meet H., who I know from the early 80s punk scene, but who I never really knew very well. I’ve seen H. about once every ten years since then, in, well, bars. It’s a small world, in rock, and we’ve kept sort of on top of each other’s doings.ThinnerSnake & Jake'sThinner

Me : ” Man, we fucking worshipped those guys! They were definitely the hippest people we knew “..


H. : ” Absolutely! And the level of humor, it was like they were all stand-up comedians “.


Me : ” Well, — was the ringleader. That guy was so sharp, he could just take you apart. Speaking of, what’s his deal? All he does nowadays is Instagram what he’s eating for lunch, nothing funny about it “.


H. : ” He smokes pot now “.


Me : ” Ooooohhhh “.


We both looked into our beers.

That’s An Angle, I Guess

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Danny Boy Et Ses Pénitents


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Nemo's Crew Vs. Octopus


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Hot Dogs And People


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Push Comes To Shove


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Made Me Laugh

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An Ethiopian Horror Movie

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Border Guards

Various And Sundry

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* ” It was just a few years ago that I realized that I don’t hate reggae, I hate the kind of people who like reggae “. Anyway, No Smoke Without Fire : Reclaiming The Genius Of Bob Marley


* Kurt Vonnegut : unstuck in time : Dresden


* Alley Cats


* Let’s forget about starving artist for a moment and get right to a more accurate, and ominous, conjugation: The artist in America is being starved, systemically and without shame


* The audio producer‘s guide to loudness


* Our Hole In The Wall : CBGB

ThinnerThinnerAlley Cats 72


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Still Terrifying

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Boots 10x10

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