About Me

|November 30, 2008 |

What’s this, now? I started this blog at the end of 2008 as a place where I could write about what I was doing then, which was engineering and recording – bands, mainly guerilla-style, in and around New Orleans. It naturally grew into a place where I post pictures and music, links, writing, whatever.


Who’s this? The person I’ve been who you’re most likely to recognize is the guitar player in White Zombie.


If you had a pulse in the 90s, you’ll probably remember this, and maybe also this. So, that’s me.


I get a lot of questions about WZ, most especially about the gear I used. I’m pretty good about responding to emails, but I encourage you to look first to the categories list at the left, under the Gear and White Zombie headings – I’ve written a couple of pretty lengthy articles about my set-up.



• JNY, July 1, 2016, Madrid, Spain